When someone receives a notice of default, it doesn't mean foreclosure is the only course of action.  Start with a free evaluation of the process and find out the best way to rebuild your credit and begin your fresh start to financial recovery. 


Divorce Sale

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It can be a difficult decision when neither spouse wants to,  or can afford to keep the family home.  That's when it may be necessary to put the home on the market. Request a confidential consultation to learn how to get the most profit and the easiest way  to begin your fresh start.


Short Sales

Probate and Property

In many cases heirs to homes end up inheriting an overwhelming amount of unanticipated difficulties and headaches. Together we can go through the options available to you, then you decide for yourself whether renting out the home or a sale will be in your best interest.. 


If you recently lost a loved one who owned a home but did not have an estate plan in place, you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed right now, especially if you have been named the administrator of the estate by a probate court. ​ We can help you through the process and help you deal with  the complexity this real estate transaction. 


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